Mas Torrencito

The rural house in Girona for animals that accepts people.

The philosophy of our rural house

A charming rural house in Girona, which seeks to find the balance between the comfort of our furry family members and the humans who accompany them. For this we have a series of details that we have taken care of with care to ensure that you do not lack anything and that you focus only on living the experience.
A rural accommodation located in a natural area of ​​Girona, surrounded by charming places, whether you are on the beach or in the mountains.
Our rural house in Girona offers through special bonuses and discounts, a series of opportunities to visit while saving, so keep an eye on the periodic publications of discounts and promotions.

How do I book?


Send us a message, by Whatsapps at 685787818 an email to info@mastorrencito.com

or use the contact form, to know availability. 

Social Networks

If you want, you can visit our social networks, where we periodically publish discounts, contests, articles ...

And there directly learn more Mastorrencito the best rural house in Girona. 

Booking calendar

Finally, if you have convinced yourself to spend a few days with your pet in our rural house, enter the reservation link to check what days you have available to spend with us.

Do not hesitate, it will be a great experience for you and your best friend!

Why Mastorrecnto

It is important that you know this, because if you do not like animals you will not enjoy the experience either Mastorrencito.
Drinker and feeder in all rooms, and at mealtime to avoid "problems" we let our friends loose but we do not feed them at the table.
We have food and feed for our pets in case you need it, and on this website you can find some interesting and local routes that you can visit with your pet without problems.
A pet friendly rural house in Girona, where you will not have to worry about anything, we usually say that pets behave better than many humans, but it is true in this environment the animals are relaxed at their own pace and we have not had any problems. It is a rural house of peace.

Gastronomic tourism


Kilometer 0 organic and seasonal food, enjoy the best food and fresh products from Girona in our rural house.


We are «Pets Friendly»

Our animals and yours have total freedom to walk around the house, except in the kitchen. To socialize, play and entertain yourself.

Natural environment

Surrounded by nature, we offer you dozens of activities to do in a unique natural environment.

Are you coming to visit us?

Keep in mind that we have some simple rules.



It is strictly forbidden to bring food and drink from outside the house.


The use of the refrigerators in the house is only for our products.

Love to the animals

We do not want anyone to visit us who does not share our philosophy of love for animals and respect.

Winter Offers

10% Free rooms

Don't miss out on your room, we have very few free rooms for this winter, book now.


  • Maria Jose Sarmiento Avatar
    Maria Jose Sarmiento
    8/24/2020 - Google

    If there is a paradise, this is it! The paradise for my dogs and for us, I couldn't believe it, a house that we could all be together !! They do great, they relate to more dogs and especially if they are fearful and somewhat shy dogs. The pool, the river, ... the walks we did all together, everything was wonderful and total disconnection. And what to say about Miguel and Mireia, they are charming and make the stay super pleasant !! We were so good that we already have a reservation made !! I want to go back and see the dogs of the house !! ❤🐶Thank you very much and a hug to all

  • Anabel Peña Luna Avatar
    Anabel Peña Luna
    9/30/2019 - Google

    Spectacular, to go with dogs I have never seen anything like it I recommend it 100% 100