5 routes through the fluvial Gavarres - Rural Tourism Pets

On this occasion we offer you a selection of itineraries that you can find on the Local Nature platform and that allow you to discover corners of some of the rivers, streams and torrents of the Gavarres. 5 routes through the fluvial Gavarres. 5 routes through the fluvial Gavarres - Rural Tourism Pets
Interesting riverside vegetation; puddles, pools and ponds; insects, amphibians and birds; mills and locks…, a whole world awaits you! 5 routes through the fluvial Gavarres - Rural Tourism Pets

1. Following the Celr - Quart (Gironès)

This itinerary allows us to savor a section of the modest but very interesting river course of Celrè, a discreet jewel of the Gavarres.
The path takes us to the pools and the fountain of Saint Peter and the Rigau mill, almost always under a beautiful and well-preserved riverside forest, where alders abound.
A place where, after good rains, we can be enraptured by observing how the river has filled the puddles and gorges where calabotins and the always striking salamander hide to overflowing.
In short, a very refreshing place!
Link: https://dom.cat/j1s

2. The gorges of Salenys and the well of the Goges.- Llagostera (Gironès)

Beyond the neighborhood of Penedes, very close to Llagostera, a path takes us to the Picante de Penedes spring.

Right there we find the intrepid course of the head of the Salenys stream, perhaps one of the tightest of all the Gavarres.

From the so-called Well of the Goges or Mosca pass, the stream shows its most interesting corners, which captivates by its beauty and the atmosphere that surrounds the upper part of the Salenys valley.

Flora, fauna and environment are present throughout the entire route.

It is a short but a bit difficult itinerary, suitable for people used to excursions
a bit demanding. It is not essential to walk the via ferrata, you will find alternative, but steep, trails.

3. Following the river Daró - La Bisbal (Baix Empordà)

This itinerary covers a short section of the course of the Daró River, a Mediterranean river course that begins in the heart of the Gavarres and is the most important.

The river, although its intermittent flow, houses a great wealth of animal and plant species.

El Daró is important for its biodiversity and also for what it represents for La Bisbal, a city that has lived linked to the river since the first Roman settlements were established until today.

In addition to being able to observe natural and cultural heritage, we will enjoy views of both the municipality and the small towns that surround it.
Link: https://dom.cat/skr

4. At the source of the Alauí by the torrent del Infierno and the stream of Palagret - Celrà (Girona)

Heading up the torrent del Infierno we will pass by the remains of two old mills and we will enjoy the vegetation of these hollows rich in laurels, hazelnuts and ferns.

The path, in sections of an authentic green tunnel, runs along the course of this torrent.

In the water we will be able to observe amphibian larvae and blackheads, the only fish that resist the severe dry conditions of these Mediterranean torrents.

The refreshing walk allows us to discover, also, the Palagret castle, one of the most important in the area until the XNUMXth century and which has been recently excavated and consolidated.

As well as the Fuente de la Alauí, a historic recreational place to go and have a snack for the Celranencs at the beginning of the last century, also recovered from oblivion in recent years.
Link: https://dom.cat/qzi

5. The mills of Ridaura - Llagostera - 5 routes through the river Gavarres - Rural tourism Pets

This route, which runs through a section of the Ridaura valley, shows us the strong link that the inhabitants of the Gavarres have long maintained with the natural resources offered by these mountains.

Making an approach to the use of the force of the water that supplied the energy to grind the wheat and turn it into flour.

In addition, we will have the opportunity to observe very rare flora species in the country and that are favored here by the temperate and humid environment.

In this section, the Ridaura enjoys relatively well-preserved riverside forests, facilitating the ecological connection between the natural areas of Gavarres and Ardenya y Sillas.

It is a refreshing excursion with a relatively steep slope, which helps us to know the mechanical strength of a natural resource such as water within a natural setting of great scenic value.


The team Natura Local wishes you a very good route!
Thank you very much and we hope to see you soon. #Uncompresented

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