Banyoles - Rural Tourism with Pets Girona

Lake Banyoles is the largest lake in Catalonia, in the province of Gerona. Rural tourism with Pets Girona.
It is the main symbol of the city of Banyoles.
The lake and its lacustrine basin are considered the largest karst complex in Spain.
Constituting an environmental system of remarkable value.

A 17 km of Mas Torrencito

Banyoles - Rural Tourism with Pets Girona. Mas TorrencitoLocated in the west of the Banyoles municipal area, it was declared by the Generalitat of Catalonia as a part of the Plan for Spaces of Natural Interest.

In 2003 it was included in the Ramsar list of Wetlands of International Importance, requesting by various groups the establishment of a Natural Park.

Formation of the lake and the lake basin.  Banyoles Lake is of tectonic and karst origin.
It was formed in the Quaternary period, about 250.000 years ago.

The tectonic movements produced by the formation of the Pyrenees opened the Ampurdán fault.

Erosion and other geological phenomena created the lake area.

The first lake of Banyoles was much larger than the current one.

Flooding the banks about 6 or 8 meters above the current water level.
Banyoles - Rural Tourism with Pets Girona. Mas Torrencito

Origin of the waters. Banyoles - Rural Tourism with Pets Girona. Mas Torrencito

Many scientists argue that the origin of the lake's waters is related to the losses of the Ter and Fluvià rivers.

Studies carried out in the XNUMXth century show that the lake is fed underground from aquifers from the north and west, in the Alta Garrocha area.

Water inlet

The water from the Banyoles lake comes from the Alta Garrocha, where it is filtered and flows through a series of underground channels connected to the aquifers.

The water gushes out at three different levels forming the lake basin, which is made up of streams of:

  • Espolla and Usall, the San Miguel de Campomayor lagoon
  • and the lake of Banyoles.

But surface water also flows into the lake, through the natural streams of:

  • Estunes, Vilà, Deus, Marquès, Tanyers,
  • Castellana, Can Morgat and Lio,
  • which represent 10% of the total water contributions to the lake.

Sports - Banyoles

In 1992 it was conditioned for the celebration of the rowing competitions of the XXV Olympic Games.
Providing it with temporary facilities: the rowing court itself, temporary stands for 4.500 seated people.
A 14 m tower for the cameras and the photo finish and the facilities of the Banyoles Swimming Club were used as an administrative and service center.
In 2004 it was the scene of the World Rowing Championships.

Lake Monster - Banyoles - Rural Tourism with Pets Girona. Mas Torrencito

Like other lakes such as Ness, in Banyoles there is a popular legend according to which Charlemagne's troops were first who, taking advantage of their stay in the city of Gerona, approached Banyoles to try to reduce and kill the dragon.

And that it was the Emperor, seized with warrior ardor, who had to ask for help from Saint Emeterio, a French monk who came to Girona with him to fight the Moors.

When the beast came out of its shelter, it stared at that little man who did not stop praying and, as if it were a puppy, followed him to the square.

After this event, the holy miracle worker founded the monastery of San Esteban de Banyoles, before going to live in a cave in the middle of a thick forest where it was not possible to guess whether it was day or night.
The monster returned to the lake, where they say it still lives today, but no one has seen it again


A beautiful summer day at the Banyoles lake, having a picnic in the designated area.
Beautiful corner of the province of Girona.

The largest of the Spanish lakes located in an area of ​​spectacular nature, with surroundings worthy of being photographed.

There is a part, in the same Banyoles that they have enabled to be able to bathe, but it is very touristy and of payment, a shame because a lake of these characteristics would not have to be exploited touristically in this way.

Beautiful persperstives, highly recommended to do the tour of the entire lake along the route prepared for this purpose, since you can enjoy virgin areas of unparalleled beauty.

In the part that touches the town of Banyoles you can enjoy a series of houses that seem to float on the lake and that give it a romantic, postcard touch.
Las Pesqueras are small marsh buildings located next to the shore of Lake Banyoles.

They were built at the beginning of the XNUMXth century and in them wealthy families came to take baths or keep their fishing tools.

Although the largest are small houses that even allow boats and boats to be covered.

Some of them have been restored and continue to fulfill their former function, while others show a certain state of neglect.

In one of the fisheries is located the municipal tourism office of the town.
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