The Manger - Mastorrencito

This El Pebre restaurant It is located in the town of Bàscara, a picturesque municipality in the Alt Empordà region, in Girona. Mastorrencito
Restaurant the manger bascara - mastorrencitoThis cozy and small restaurant specializes in market cuisine made with local and seasonal products.
Therefore, in its menu you can find dishes such as:
game meat,
the rice soup,
the homemade cannelloni or its homemade desserts, such as flan or artisan carquinyolis.
In addition, they have a daily menu, a night menu, food for coeliacs and a menu for groups.
They also have catering service and take out service.
The establishment accepts pets and allows reservations to be made in advance.
It opens from Wednesday to Sunday during lunch hours, from 13:00 p.m. to 16:00 p.m., and from Wednesday to Saturday during dinner hours, from 21:00 p.m. to 23:00 p.m.


Restaurant the manger bascara - mastorrencito“This is a small restaurant in the town of Bàscara near its walled door on a street with an Empordà flavor.
The kitchen is well run and made with traditional dishes of the authentic Catalan gastronomy.
Game, corral, vegetables and fish from the nearby Gulf of Roses, all served with a "good taste" that makes the visit unforgettable.
Appreciable contention in prices and a very convenient menu on weekdays.
A jewel. Excellent menu of desserts and wines from the area. " .
“The food… out of 10, good treatment, good price.
And a lot of love in the recipes. Noticeable. They adapt the dishes if you go with children which is appreciated a lot.
Highly recommended for a quiet dinner, without rushing.
And to criticize it a bit, it would lack a terrace for the Summer (Triaíritu

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