The rectory -mastorrencito

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The rectory -mastorrencito La Rectoría is a restaurant located in a rural setting and in an emblematic building in Espinavessa, in front of the kitchen Jordi Rollan offers signature cuisine that takes care of details, with seasonal products and a touch of modernity. The rectory -mastorrencito
The restaurant reopened on April 19, 2008, after being closed for several years. The idea is carried out after a period of works and reforms, to achieve a renewed gastronomic space. Our work philosophy is inspired by the incomparable landscape and its Catalan-Empordanese roots.
A good atmosphere accompanies diners, a mixture of environments and memories, who can enjoy a kitchen that offers sensations, textures, smells and colors. We work with the best seasonal products, in order to get the best out of each one of them.
The Vicaría preserves what is inherited, both in natural and cultural wealth, preserving in its building its original architecture, from the XNUMXth century.
The rectory -mastorrencitoToday it becomes an essential stop for all good gourmet, for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of the palate. Tradition, creativity and the work of a young team that knows how to transfer their illusion to each dish.
Reservations phone: 972 553 766. More information at:  www.restaurantlarectoria.com


We have returned for the fourth time and they always manage to surprise us The tasting menu goes in crescendo until it reaches the desserts

We chose a menu, very well selected by the way, the service very correct and pleasant, a bit slow but forgive. The quality of the food, presentations and contrasts, very interesting, not to mention the place and the surroundings, spectacular! We return without a doubt

It is the second time I have dined at La Rectoria and again I have finished very very satisfied. A very good meal, accompanied by a very intimate place, recommended for all kinds of occasions, but especially for couples. In my case we have chosen dishes from the menu. Great value for money in my opinion. Very friendly and attentive service. I really wanted to go back and, after this dinner, I already want to do it again. Really, highly recommended.


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