L'Empordà from above ... Mas Torrencito

The geographical polyvalence of the Empordà offers you to visit a window of options that cross the region, from the sea to the seas. Avui posed l'ull in the last few days. L'Empordà from above ... Mas Torrencito

Both the sea of ​​tangent and not being a particularly high ground, l'Empordà has a lot of mountains that offer a considerable rise and that allow gaudir of the mountain with the unique panoramic views that embrace mountains, flat i mar.

You recommend sis excursions that will take you to the Alçades de l'Empordà.

1. Roc del Comptador (Maçanet de Cabrenys, 1.451m)

The highest point of l'Empordà is the Roc del Comptador, a pic that shares the guardianship between l'Empordà (Maçanet de Cabrenys) and Ceret (Catalunya Nord).

It is a tract of the highest point of the Serra de les Salines.

The main route starts from the refuge of the Mare de Déu de les Salines, and during the seu route between the forests of Pi and Alzina, the old mines de talc or the cave on, diuen, the Mare de Déu will be trobada.

2. Puig de Bassegoda (Albanyà, 1.373m)

The Puig de Bassegoda, or simply Bassegoda, is a cim located between Montagut i Oix (Garrotxa) and Albanyà (Empordà).

The seva characteristic punxeguda form, the seva raised and the fet d'estar aïllat dels altres cims more propers the easily identifiable fan.

An affordable ascent that culminates with a petite grimpada abans de fer cim.

One of the curiosities that threatens this pic is the relationship that hi tea with the writer Marià Vayreda, and it is that Bassegoda will be the one that will serve as inspiration to start writing the seva most famous work, 'La Punyalada '.

3. Puig Neulós (La Jonquera, 1.256m) - L'Empordà from the heights ... Mas Torrencito

An altre cim with shared custody - specifically between La Jonquera and Sureda (Rosselló) - is the Puig Neulós.

The seva hull will function as a natural boundary between the former comtats d'Empúries and Rosselló fins the Tractat dels Pirineus.

If you can arrive by road from El Pertús, or from the road, through Cantallops.

The seu cim stands out for its great white-and-vermella antenna, covered with green prats, pinedes and alzinars, and the hospitalàries vaques that graze every day.

4. Serra del Mont (Albanyà, 1.124m)

Turn to Albanyà, and it is that the village of altempordanès attracts a large part of the cims that the region offers. A cavall also between l'Empordà and l'Alta Garrotxa, with the valley of the river Fluvià als seus peus and situated between the conques de la Muga and the mateix Fluvià, the Serra del Mont culminates at the Santuari de la Mare de Déu del Mont.

From the capdamunt, you will be able to see practically all that surrounds: the Empordanese plain, the Garrotxa, the Pla de l'Estany and the Gironès, offering an imposing panoramic view of the Canigó.

5. Sant Salvador Saverdera (Palau Saverdera / Selva de Mar, 670m)

That the seva alçada does not menystingui the seu paisatgístic value, but also monumental. Nestled in the Rodes mountain range, between the municipalities of Palau Saverdera and Selva de Mar, the top of Sant Salvador is one of the most magical points of the region.

At the capdamunt hi trobarem the remains of the Castell de Verdera, a medieval fortification of the XNUMXth century that has passed from more to more to the long of the segles.

At the top, you can access peu i des d'allà located between the two coastlines that separate the Cap de Creus and that permetrà veure both l'alba com la posta de Sol, the French and Empordanese vessant, Serra de l'Albera, El Canigó, Comanegra (Garrotxa) or fins i tot, in dies clars, Matagalls (Montseny).

6. Puig d'Arques (Les Gavarres / Cruïlles, 532m)

The Puig d'Arques is a mountain of 532 meters to the massís de les Gavarres, between the towns of Cruïlles, Romanyà de la Selva and Sant Sadurní de l'Heura, in the Baix Empordà region.

At the top there is a geodesic vertex.

The main route starts from Can Font de Muntanya (for a track from a good state from the town of Cruïlles).

A cop al cim podrem gaudir de la vista semper i quant pugem a la torre de guaita.

A cop here does not even forget to visit the dolmen that has reached the top, just darrere the tower.

The Puig d'Arques is not the veritable regional peak of the Baix Empordà, but it is the Puig Gavarres which is a troba just at the cost of the first.

From the Guaita tower of Puig d'Arques, if you look in the direction of La Bisbal d'Empordà, Puig Gavarres is a troba just a la nostra esquerra.



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