This is what they think of us, come and discover why they like us so much 🙂

  • 3 star rating Good for dogs, humans not so much Rural house well prepared for animals, although our experience as humans has not been satisfactory. In my opinion
    - dogs can go loose around the house and outside
    - rooms with beds and feeders for furry animals
    - abundant breakfast with homemade cakes, bread, fruits ...
    - They have space on the terrace with beers, chips ... you write down as you consume. Prices somewhat higher than a normal bar.
    - they clean room every day

    Points to consider Before booking:
    - You cannot bring food from outside, either you have breakfast and dinner there or it forces you to take a car and go to a nearby town.
    -Dinner à is at 21.30:XNUMX p.m. yes or yes. No possibility of change. If you go with minors or you adapt or you go to dinner in a nearby town, or the little one sleeps without dinner.
    - the price of dinner is very high for what it is, in our case a little Russian salad, meatloaf and ice cream scoop. All 18 euros person.
    - They charge a fee for bringing a pet. Our case 23 euros two nights two pets.

    Taking into account these aspects for the furry is fine and if not as the owner says, if you don't like it then don't come. It is what it offers.

    Juan778 10/02/2019
    Maria Ortega Vergara Avatar

    The tranquility inside and outside the house. Being able to go on vacation with the furry ones as if we were in our own home. Good treatment towards clients

    Maria Ortega Vergara 1/26/2019
    Elisabet Trujillo Gimenez Avatar

    We have been Friday and Saturday, everything great! The charming people, the bienissino dogs, the very good and complete dinner of first and second courses and breakfast you have to choose from everything and more !! We will be back for sure! We have met super good people, nothing bad to say. Of course, the dogs are the important ones and we humans are the companions! Thanks Miguel for making our pets feel at home !!

    Elisabet Trujillo Gimenez 4/23/2016
    Victoria Arniges Gomez Avatar

    Lloc fantastic for passing holidays with les nostres mascotes

    Victoria Arniges Gomez 9/02/2015
    Ricky Aragonés Avatar

    Fantastic ..... a nice molt tracte per part of the owner and molta llibertat, especially pels gossos.

    Ricky Aragonés 8/26/2020
    Xavier Martinez Sirvent Avatar

    The best the environment and the warmth of the treatment received. Recommended 100%

    Xavier Martinez Sirvent 1/24/2019
  • Marta Diaz Easter Avatar

    A wonderful place and special people who make you feel at home; Without forgetting the 4-legged inhabitants who are a love, starting with the rooms, the terrace, the lounges, the food ... all of 10 A great detail Miguel that my dog ​​got sick and cooked for her because everything was closed and There was a way to find what I needed. I will definitely return, I have been 5 days and they have known me little!

    Marta Diaz Easter 2/06/2020
    Felicidad Martinez Garcia Avatar

    I knew we were going to like it but it is more than spectacular and we can die in peace we know that on earth there is a paradise for pets and humans

    Happiness Martinez Garcia 11/04/2019
    natalia gumma Avatar

    Perfect for anar amb gossos, ell s'ho passa genial, molt espai por què juguin and sociabilitzin, and restaurants in the area that also accept gossos. It really has been an experience. Yes estimeu els gossos, aneu-hi !!

    natalia gumma 9/30/2019
    Erika Pablos Avatar

    Why I love both them and dogs ❤️❤️❤️

    Erika pablos 1/25/2019
    David Diaz Avatar

    Family atmosphere, and something new to be surrounded by many dogs, the experience is very beautiful.

    David Diaz 9/17/2020
    Gloria Avatar

    Wonderful Es un lugar bonito, acogedor, relajante y super bien gestionado. Tu perro y tu estaréis tan a gusto que te costara marcharte. De esos sitios a los que piensas volver una y cien veces. Super recomendable!!

    Gloria 9/28/2020