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The Salt de la Foradada, the Toll de l'Ou, the Gorg Blau and the Gorgues of Font de la Torre, are some of the indrets to visit. Els gorgs naturals most impressive of Catalonia

Salt de la Foradada .: Flikr levilo

Maria Moya / AMIC / AMICSure that you think about how to refresh yourself during the summer and go to the beach or the pool; but l'entorn natural català t'ofereix molt més: els gorgs naturals. But if you face it, you don't know, a gorg is an ore from a bassa fonda that is formed in currents d'aigua quan that s'entolla or alenteix the curs, and Catalonia is full of cash. Here are 4 gorgs naturals distributed over the Catalan territory.

Salt de la Foradada

This waterfall of conte de fades et will transport you to a surprising landscape: a great gorg d'aigua dolça surrounded by rock walls. I refer to the Salt de la Foradada, a salt d'aigua that deu el seu nom al forat that tea one of them. Located in a corner of the Osona region, above Cantonigròs, a small town in the municipality of l'Esquirol. The excursion cap to the gorg is perfect for fer with small children, since it is short (two hour of day and three quarts of hour of tornada) and does not have technical difficulty.

Salt de la Foradada. Crèdits: Jordi Carrió.

The Toll de l'Ou

Catalog with one of the most unique flowers of the Serra del Montsant Natural Park, the Toll de l'Ou is a fantastic place to visit especially in the spring and summer months. It is located in the Barranc dels Pèlags, more specifically in the municipality of Ulldemolins, in the Priorat region, and sun has aigua tot l'any. To arrive-hi is for an excursion from the hermitage of Santa Magdalena or from the Morera de Montsant, of 3-4 hours of duration depending on the parades that is easy. Malgrat the unevenness of the route, the route is not complicated, but it is recommended by all the public.

The Toll de l'Ou. Crèdits: NoTotSónCims.

The Gorg Blau

The Gorg Blau de Sant Aniol d'Aguja is ideal for lovers of hiking, canyoning or climbing. Located in the municipality of Montagut i Oix, in the Garrotxa region, the route cap a quest gorg begins and ends in the village of Sardenes. On the path to the gorg, completely senyalitzat, pass by the hermitage of Sant Aniol d'Aguja, a Romanesque architectural monument dating from the XNUMXth century. A month, on the route you can visit the Salt del Brull, a precious salt that sits between rocks and surrounds a spectacular gorg.

The Gorg Blau. Crèdits: Sisku.

Gorgues de la Font de la Torre

Les gorgues de Font de la Torre (or also anomenades Gorgues de Canet d'Adri) are located in the village of Canet d'Adri, a small town in the Gironès region. This natural indret is singular molt because of its volcanic origin, where the solidified and eroded lava from the water has created a paratge ple of petites gorgues and estays. Both the fresh, crystal-clear seva and the voltant trees that donate shadow, the Gorgues de Font de la Torre are perfect for refreshing themselves in the mesos d'estiu. In addition, the route cap a les gorgues is very attractive, so you can see corriols, ponts and camins rodejats de vegetació.

Gorgues de la Font de la Torre. Crèdits: Totnens.cat.

Source: https://oci.regio7.cat


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