Our Spaces

"Mas Torrencito”Is a different rural house. A XNUMXth century farmhouse, restored with a very personal style, and surrounded by fields, forests and paths that lead to a river that deserves to be listened to at least for a while. Miguel, has been in charge of giving the house its own personality for seven years, creating different corners where you can chat with your partner enjoying a good bottle of wine while your children play freely in the surroundings, share customs and customs with other guests. anecdotes of your pets while you see how they enjoy and chase each other happily, or go upstairs and choose one of those movies that you had pending to pay tribute in front of a big screen. You can do whatever you want, because in "Mas Torrencito”Freedom is breathed at every moment and in every place.
Marcos, Manuela, Maggie, Mar, Max and Matías (RIP), four of Miguel's pets, are the true spirit of the house. Those four dogs should have a permanent contract and a lifetime pension. They show the house to the new guests, its 8 comfortable double and triple rooms, the complete bathrooms, the living room with high ceilings and wooden beams, the old bread oven, the entertainment room, the pool and the garden with furniture and games for children. But they also accompany guests on walks, entertain adults and children with their good character and desire to play, and interact with newly arrived pets with patience, affection and great kindness.
Meanwhile, Miguel cooks. And how it cooks. Dishes made with products from their own garden. Recipes told by the mothers of the owners of the surrounding restaurants. Cakes with different flavors, jams, cereals, fresh bread and sausages from the area, one of the best in the country in this specialty.
"Mas Torrencito”It can be enjoyed as a couple if you like animals, as it is a way to enjoy their company whenever you want. It is also an ideal place for children, as they will quickly fall in love with Marcos, Matias and Matilde, probably the best stone digger in the world. And it is also a perfect place to visit with your own pet, enjoy a few days in nature and for the two of you to make good friends. In Mas Torrencito you feel part of something, and each visit is different from the others.
The only problem with "Mas Torrencito"Is that it forces us to return. I've already done it, and it won't be the only time.
Sergio Zapater