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Some beaches in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Girona and the rest of Spain allow access to dogs throughout the year, unlike most. Pet friendly beaches 2020 - mastorrencito

The heat has already arrived, the summer sun threatens its usual force and the beaches become essential. But not everyone can access.
Many coastal municipalities prohibit the presence of dogs on the beaches during the summer months to avoid, according to their ordinances, that they can cause annoyance to bathers. For all this we have believed that this guide to beaches to go with your dog in Catalonia could be useful for you.Pet friendly beaches 2019 - mastorrencito
Different campaigns have been carried out to convince municipalities that man's best friend also needs to bathe in summer and above all, to be able to run on the sand, but the truth is that there is still a lot of work to do.

Barcelona had promised to find a solution in this regard, but finally the promise has been postponed. Other Catalan municipalities do allow dogs to play on some of their beaches during all months of the year.

The debate is completely open since, for some municipalities and bathers, dogs can cause problems and dirty the beaches.

State law prohibits the presence of dogs on the beaches, but each city council can regulate, based on ordinances, if it authorizes the bathing of dogs.
Given the difficulty of knowing which beaches can be accessed with the dog and which ones cannot, from Tincungos.org we have analyzed the regulations that affect the different Catalan beaches and have divided them into three groups:

1) TOLERANTS - Those that allow access with dogs without restrictions (it is assumed that the dog must be vaccinated, must be registered and that it cannot disturb the rest of the bathers). In this section we have also included, specifying this distinction, the beaches that legally do not allow the presence of dogs but that bathers tolerate them and the Municipal Police, at least until now, does not sanction.
2) RESTRICTIVE - Those that allow access with some restrictions (especially during the summer months). In this section there are some beaches in Girona and Tarragona missing.
3) PROHIBITIONISTS - Those that do not allow in any case the presence of dogs.

Map of Official Canine Beaches Summer 2020

For more information on the beaches for dogs in Spain this summer 2020 Beaches for Dogs in Spain 2020

Catalonia - Beaches that accept pets 2020 - mastorrencito

Catalonia, where the first dog beach was set up, it also offers a large number of beaches to go with your dog. Sitges, Barcelona, ​​Cubelles, Arenys de Mar, and Pineda de Mar already have pet friendly beaches. Also in the provinces of Girona and Tarragona you can find several of the best canine beaches, such as La Rubina and Deltebre.

Beaches for Dogs in Girona 2020

  • Beach The Rubina, (Empuria Brava): It was the first beach for dogs in Spain, and it repeats this summer 2020. Beach of fine sand and crystal clear waters, ideal for enjoying a fun holiday with your dog.

    La Rubina Beach for dogs was a pioneer in Spain, and is one of the best dog beaches in Catalonia

  • Els Griells Beach Dog Zone (l'Estartit). Small limited area located right in front of a campsite. A few years ago you could access La Platera Beach, but it is no longer possible, and in its place, the city council enabled this small section that does not exceed 600 square meters.
  • Rec del Molí Beach (l'Escala). Beautiful beach of fine sand located in the middle of nature, ideal to enjoy a relaxing holiday with your dog.
  • Las Barcas Beach (Anger). Enabled last year. Located next to the border of France, a small sandy and gravel beach. Ideal for lovers of tranquility.

Beaches for dogs in Barcelona 2020

  • Cala Vallcarca, in Sitges. Located between Sitges and Castelldefells. It is a natural beach, lacking in services, and much visited by the inhabitants of the city of Barcelona.
  • Llevant beach in BarcelonaThe Barcelona City Council inaugurated in 2016 a small section of Llevant beach to go with a dog, and surely this year 2020, due to the great success and the example of civility among bathers and dogs, it will be operational again. (Only available in the bathing season)

    dog beach of Barcelona

    The Canine Beach of Barcelona is only open in the bathing season.

  • Les Salines Beach, in Cubelles. Located next to a thermal power station and made up of stone and sand, it is one of the most popular pet friendly beaches in the province of Barcelona.
  • Canina Beach in Pineda de MarInaugurated in 2017, you can access this dog beach with your dog throughout the year at any time of the day.
    In addition, its soil is of fine sand, ideal for the enjoyment of bathers and dogs.
  • La Picòrdia Beach. At Arenys de Mar. The City Council decided to enable in 2017 a section of its coast to go with a dog in the summer season (from the beginning of June to mid-September)
    The problem is that, for now, Only dogs registered in the Arenys de Mar town hall can enter. Other beaches from the city (La Musclera, Cavaió and Playa de les Roques d'en Lluc) it is allowed to go with dogs (from anywhere) from 20:8 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX a.m.

Other beaches previously enabled in the province of Barcelona, ​​(the beaches of Vilanova i la Geltrú, Port Ginesta, and Les Banyeretes) will be closed to dogs this summer 2020.

Beaches for dogs in Tarragona 2020

  • Bon caponet y Cementiri cove (Ametlla de Mar). It is about 2 small coves of rock and stones. If what you are looking for is tranquility, you may like it, but don't expect a heavenly beach with fine sand and crystal clear waters. Access to them must also improve.
  • Beach the Platjola (Reach). Formed by pebbles and a bit narrow in some sections, it is good to go to cool off, but it may not be the best place to spend a day at the beach.
  • Beach The Raft of the Sand (Delta del Ebro). It is the best rated beach for dogs in Tarragona.
    Surrounded by an unspoiled environment and fine sand soil, it is ideal for your holidays.
    Of course, get supplies (water, food, umbrella ...) because it has no services.

    Deltebre dog beach

    Deltebre's dog beach is one of the favorites for nature lovers

  • La Riera d'Alforja beach (Cambrils). Stone beach located at the mouth of the Riera.
    Its floor is made of stones, so take deckchairs or mats with you (… Yes, also for your dog)

Valencian Community - Beaches that accept pets 2020 - mastorrencito

Beaches for Dogs in Alicante 2020

At the head of the dog beaches is the province of Alicante, In the Valencian community, that already has 9 beaches for dogs. Campello, Villajoyosa, Dénia, Altea, Santa Pola and Alicante are the municipalities where you can find pet friendly beaches. Hopefully this summer 2020 will be some more ...
All the canine beaches of Alicante are available throughout the year

  • Caleta dels Gossets (Santa Pola). It is the best valued dog beach in the province of Alicante.
    Its soil is made of rock and fine sand, and the beach adjacent to it is being studied due to the great success of previous summers. We hope it is.

    The beach for dogs of Santa Pola is the best valued in the province of Alicante

  • Beach Punta del Riu (Campello). It is a small pebble beach with calm waters ideal for small dogs or those who are afraid of the waves.
  • Barranc D'Aigües Beach (Campello). It is surrounded by nature.
    Difficult to access and very quiet, ideal for those looking for a more intimate beach.
  • Beach Vilera del Xarco (Villajoyosa). Small cove of stones and difficult access located to the south of the municipality and lacking in services.
  • La Agua Amarga Beach (Alicante). Although this beach for dogs in Alicante is open to our dogs all year round, only in the bathing season can you enjoy the services it offers, such as a chiringuito and cleaning service.
  • North Escollera Beach (Dénia). It is, according to our users, the worst dog beach in the province.
    It occupies a small area full of algae. It may be feasible for your dog to take a few races, but little else ...
  • Sea and Mountain Beach (Altea). Small and quiet pebble beach, always visited by users with dogs. Since 2016 it is already an official dog beach.
  • Punta Margalla and Cala del Moro (Torrevieja). These are 2 stretches of coastline located very close to the town's urban center. They were enabled in July 2018.
  • Cala Lobella (Benissa). It is the last beach for dogs enabled in the Valencian Community.
    With rocky ground and formed by boulders, this small cove is ideal for diving enthusiasts.
  • In Calpe and Elche, possibly this year we can find canine areas. We will keep you informed.

Beaches for Dogs in Valencia 2020

As well Valencia has 5 dog beaches, all made up of fine sand and well defined to avoid confrontations with users.. Gandía, Valencia, El Puig and Cullera already offer spaces to go with a dog in summer. The beaches of Gandía and Pinedo are only available in the bathing season.

  • L'Ahuir Beach (Gandía). Available only in the bathing season, this beautiful beach of fine sand and crystal clear waters is ideal for your holidays with your dog. Do not miss it!

    PlayaCan in Gandía, Valencia, and since its opening, there have been many dogs who have been able to enjoy it.

  • Pinedo Beach (Valencia city). Located next to the port of Valencia, this canine area is only available in the bathing season.
    It is one of the most visited by Valencians who had been claiming for several years, a beach for dogs.
  • La Torreta Beach - Santa Elvira (El Puig). This canine beach is located north of Valencia, next to the Barranc del Puig. It is much quieter than Pinedo, and lacks services.
  • Dog beach of Alboraya. Located to the north of the city of Valencia and small in size, it is perfect for your pet to play in the sand. Its waters are not suitable for bathing.
  • El Brosquil Beach (Cullera). Nice sandy beach although it has difficult access, since it is surrounded by private urbanizations.

Beaches for Dogs in Castellón 2020

Castellón It has also enabled several areas of its coast for the enjoyment of dogs, but in this case it is small stone and rock beaches, except for Playa Barranquet, in Benicarló, which was recently enabled.

  • Les Llanetes Beach (Vinarós). Small stone and gravel beach where your dog can take a refreshing swim.
  • Aiguaoliva Beach (Also in Vinarós). It was the first dog beach in Vinarós.
    It is made up of small stones.
  • L'Estany beach, in Capicorb Point (Alcossebre). Also formed by boulders, it is a wild beach with low occupancy.
  • Belcaire Beach (Moncófar). It is a gravel and sand beach where a section has been set up to go with a dog.
    It was inaugurated on July 28, 2017.
  • El Barranquet Beach (Benicarló). Inaugurated in June 2018, it is the last dog beach in the Valencian Community.
    It is a small beach of about 300 meters of sand, ideal for bathers and pets

Andalusia - Beaches that accept pets 2020- mastorrencito

If you're beaches for dogs in AndalusiaIn southern Spain, fortunately we also find several, although in this case, the regulations lack common sense, since bathing by people is prohibited on dog beaches.
Do you see sense? Neither do we ... This is so because a few years ago the Board issued a statement prohibiting the entry of dogs to any beach on the Andalusian coast in the bathing season.
Fortunately, the municipalities found a legal vacuum, and it is that If the waters are not suitable for bathing people, they can be enabled for bathing our dogs.
The problem is that, in many cases, these canine beaches are in remote areas that no one wants to go to, or in areas where fishing is practiced. But less is nothing ...
We must make an exception, and that is the Canine Beach of Torre del Mar, in the province of Malaga, is, in our opinion, the best beach in Andalusia for this summer 2020. Its soil is sandy, and you can calmly bathe in its waters because they are clean and crystal clear.

Beaches for Dogs in Malaga 2020

  • Arroyo Totalán Beach In Malaga. Stony beach located next to the cement factory between the city of Malaga and Cala del Moral. It is very visited by users of this beautiful city, although it is not the most beautiful.
  • Castle Beach, in Fuengirola. This dog beach in the province of Malaga is, together with Torre del Mar, one of the best valued. Its soil is of fine sand, and, although it is small, it is ideal to enjoy a day at the beach with your pet.
  • Piedra Paloma Beach, in Casares. Quiet beach of sand and stones enabled a few years ago to replace the former Playa de la Sal dog beach, in the same municipality.
  • Canina Beach of Torre del MarIt is, according to users, the best dog beach in Andalusia. Equipped with a dog park and available throughout the year, this sandy beach is ideal for your holidays with your dog.

    This beach for dogs in the province of Malaga has a play area and is one of the best dog beaches in Andalusia

  • El Pinillo beach, in Marbella.
  • Ventura de Mar beach, in Marbella. These are 2 small beach areas that were inaugurated at the end of last summer.
  • Canine beach of Torrox. Opened in summer 2018. It occupies 300 meters and is next to the town's lighthouse.

Beaches for Dogs in Almería 2020

  • La Rana beach, in AdraIt is the only beach for dogs in Almería. Its floor is made of small stones, and it is not very popular among users with dogs.

Beaches for Dogs in Granada 2020

  • El Cable beach, in Motril. With stony soil, this small beach area is located next to the port of the city, and is shared with fishermen, so be careful with the hooks.

Beaches for Dogs in Cádiz 2020

  • La Canine area of ​​Playa de Camposoto, San Fernando. This canine beach is only open from July to September. The winter storms make it necessary to prepare it every summer, and sometimes its opening is delayed.
    It is best, before traveling, to contact the town hall to confirm its opening. Su remoteness from the car park and its difficult access on foot, make this canine beach a real nightmare for users with a dog, especially on days when the heat is down.

Beaches for Dogs in Huelva 2020

  • El Espigón Beach, in Huelva. The canine area ranges from the 6th walkway to the breakwater. Fine sand beach lacking in services.
  • Gola beachin Isla Cristina. Opened in July 2018, this canine beach with fine golden sand, but its waters are not suitable for bathing.

Beaches for Dogs in Córdoba 2020

  • Valdearenas Beach, in Iznájar. The fact that the province of Córdoba does not have a beach has not been an impediment for the Iznájar City Council to create 2 canine spaces in the reservoir that bears his name.
    It is a beautiful natural space located in the "Lake of Andalusia", ideal for those who want to enjoy the mountains without giving up a refreshing dip. 100% recommendable.

Community of Murcia - mastorrencito rural tourism petfriendly Girona

Beaches for Dogs in Murcia 2020

Murcia already has 6 beaches to go with your dog, and from Redcanina.es We recommend Las Moreras Beach, a virgin beach, without services but of great beauty where you can spend a fun day at the beach.

  • Beach of Las Moreras, Mazarrón. Natural beach formed by golden sand and small stones.
  • Gachero Beach, Mazarrón. Small urban beach of stone and hard sand located next to the port of the city and little frequented by bathers.
  • Cobaticas Beach, Mazarrón. Stone beach and little sand very frequented by fishermen, so be very careful with the hooks.
  • La Cañada del Negro BeachEagles. It was the last dog beach opened, and one of the most criticized due to its poor condition.
  • Casas Particulares Playa Larga, Lorca. It is the last beach for dogs enabled in Murcia. Dogs can access since June of last year.
  • La Calera Beachin Cartagena. Enabled last summer, it is a small beach of rock and coarse sand located south of the city.

If you're beaches for dogs in the north of Spain, you can also find several.
Among them, it is worth highlighting O Espiño Beach in Galicia, Bayas Beach in Asturias, and La Maza Beach, in San Vicente de la Barquera. Here we show you all:

Galicia - mastorrencito rural tourism petfriendly Girona

Beaches for Dogs in Pontevedra 2020

  • O Espiño Beach y O Portiño Beach, the 2 next to the marina of San Vicente do Mar, O Grove.
  • Cunchiña Beach in Cangas.
  • Cesantes and Chapela Beach, in Redondela. The Canine Beach of Cesantes, inaugurated in 2016, is one of the most visited by users, both for a quiet walk, and to enjoy a quiet day at the beach.

    On the beach of Cesantes you can find an area of ​​150 linear meters marked for shared use for bathers and dogs, and it is one of the best dog beaches in Galicia

  • Playto O Castelete, in Vilagarcía de Arousa. Small beach not very clean, and located next to the road. It is not highly recommended.  
  • To Foz and To Calzoa, in Vigo. Enabled in May 2018, these 2 canine beaches are located together, and are ideal (especially in Foz) to enjoy your holidays with your pet.

Beaches for Dogs in A Coruña 2020

  • Playa del Arenal (Pobra do Caramiñal). Small limited area that occupies the last 300 meters of the south of the beach. Its soil is sandy, although at low tide you can find many broken shells and your dog can hurt its legs.
  • Dog beach of AresThe canine area occupies the last meters of the beach, those that adjoin the Nautical Club. Better to visit it at high tide.

Beaches for Dogs in Lugo 2020

  • Corveira Point (Barreiros). Small beach of great beauty located next to Playa de Lóngara, formed by rock and sand, and difficult to access.

Asturias - mastorrencito rural tourism petfriendly Girona

Beaches for Dogs in Asturias 2020

  • El Rinconín Beach, in Gijón. It is an urban beach, ideal for visiting Gijón with your pet. Although its soil is a bit rocky, at low tide you can enjoy a fun dip with your dog.
  • Cala Saliencia, in Cudillero. Small beach with difficult access. It lacks services and is not very popular with users.
  • Sablon beach, in Bayas, Castrillón. Despite the obstacles found in the Castrillón town hall to enable it, this canine beach is already a reality, and one of the best beaches for dogs in Spain. Virgin beach ideal for nature lovers.

    dog on the beach of berries in Asturias

    The canine area of ​​Playa de Bayas is one of the best beaches for dogs in northern Spain

Cantabria - mastorrencito rural tourism petfriendly Girona

Beaches for Dogs in Cantabria 2020

  • La Maza Beach, in San Vicente de la Barquera. Semi-urban beach located in the Oyambre estuary. It has a fountain for dogs, bins, and a nearby lawn area.
  • La Riberuca Beach, in Suances. Located next to the mouth of the Saja river. It is an urban beach that is 800 meters long and has a low occupancy rate.
  • Arcisero BeachOriñón Pier y Cala Cargadero Mioño, all 3 belonging to the City Council of Castro Urdiales.
  • El Puntal beach, in SomoIt is an extensive area of ​​sand that closes the entrance to the Bay of Santander to the south.
  • Arenal del Jortín, in Soto de la Marina, Bezana, one of the most beautiful pet-friendly beaches in Cantabria thanks to the beauty that surrounds it.
  • Trengandín Beach, in Playa de Helgueras, Noja. Enabled last summer, it is a small area of ​​800 meters formed by rock and fine golden sand.

the Basque Country - mastorrencito rural tourism petfriendly Girona

At the moment, we have not found any dog ​​beach to go to in the summer in the Basque Country. Do you know any? Leave us your comments! 😉

Balearics - mastorrencito rural tourism petfriendly Girona

Beaches for Dogs in Mallorca 2020

Beaches for Dogs in Menorca 2020

Beaches for Dogs in Ibiza 2020

On the island of Ibiza we find 2 small coves of Santa Eulària del Riu:

  • For the north, a small bathing area in Es Faralló, next to the Puig de s´Es Excelencia Vella, with easy access via Passeig Joan Canals Serra. It is a small cove of 20 linear meters.
  • On the southern part, a section of coastline that includes the last 10 meters of the right side of the river mouth and a small virgin coastline.

And you can also find another canine area in Ibiza town. Is found in la Es Viver area, with access from Quartó de Balanzat street.

Canary Islands - mastorrencito rural tourism petfriendly Girona

Beaches for Dogs in Gran Canaria 2020

  • Los Cuervitos - Agüimes (The Gran Canarian palms)
  • The three peos - Agüimes (The Gran Canarian palms)
  • Bocabarranco Beach (The Gran Canarian palms)

Beaches for Dogs in Tenerife 2020

  • El Cabezo Beach, Guímar (Tenerife)
    In the 2013, the Güímar City Council enabled a small area, mainly of pebbles, which occupies 50 square meters, and is located next to the Nautical Club of Puertito de Güímar.
  • Callao Beach / Las BajasEl Socorro beachEl Puertito Beach (3 in Güimar)
  • El Confital Beach, Granadilla de Abona (Tenerife)
    The space enabled for the enjoyment of animals in El Confital in Granadilla de Abona has about 150 meters of sand, located between El Médano and Los Abrigos.
    It is very well received by neighbors with pets, however, users they demand more meters to be able to enjoy with their dogs of a day of games since sometimes it is very crowded because on the island, there are only two beaches adapted for dogs.

Beaches for Dogs in La Palma 2020

  • Los Guirres Beach / The Volcano / Playa Nueva, Tazacorte.

Beaches for Dogs in Lanzarote 2020

  • Beach ofas Coloradas/ The Afre (Yaiza)
  • Guacimeta beach, in Playa Honda (San Bartolomé). It is a beautiful sandy beach ideal to enjoy a day at the beach with your pet at any time of the year. Here you can find more information: www.lancelotdigital.com

These are, for the moment, the beaches to go with your dog in Spain in 2020. This list may change as summer approaches, since there are several municipalities along the Spanish coast that are studying enabling dog beaches.
Visit us from time to time to be updated and get all the information you need about pet friendly beaches.

Source: https://www.redcanina.es/


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