Route of the 7 waterfalls

PLACE: Campdevànol (Ripollès region, Gerona) - DIFFICULTY: Easy - DISTANCE: 10km - TIME: 3 hours approx.

Friends today I will explain an excursion that I made with my family, I really liked it, it is popularly known as "Itinerari dels gorgs de la Cabana".
Leaving the town of Campdevànol towards Gombren, about 2km away we will pass by the Pirinenc campsite and about 500m we will see a path to the left and we will enter it, seeing an area to leave the car.
We park, we take our backpacks and we start the excursion, perfectly indicated, walking 1 hour through very quiet forests we find the first waterfall "Gorg de la Cabana" beautiful!
We have the first opportunity to hit the first dip, I really like rivers, so I jump and run and I have a great time… but when the water reaches my belly…! I'm not so funny anymore!
We follow the path cool but we do not have time to dry ourselves because every 10 minutes we find the following waterfalls ...
Gorg de la Tosca is very beautiful and not very deep, so I love it ...
Gorg de L'olla and de la Bauma are very spacious and beautiful.
The next one is very nice (Gorg del Forat) but if you want to see it from different perspectives you have to go down and even though you see me very big I am not at all brave but I was able to my strength as an adventurer and with the help of my father I was able to go down!
After a long walk and a few good baths, we decided to stop for lunch so picnic style to regain strength ...
We had only two Gorg el Petit del Colomer and the Gorg del Colomer, I would say the largest of all, very spectacular, especially in winter when some very impressive stalactites fall.
I think it is an excursion that should be done in summer because you can bathe in the waterfalls and in winter because with the winter frosts it must have a special charm!
We finish our adventure walking the final kilometers and ending in an esplanade where you can have barbecues, play ball and enjoy nature!
So we lay in the grass and enjoyed the scenery and breathed the fresh air!
A 100% recommended excursion to do with dogs, we and you enjoyed it!