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More than 100 years giving meals ... Can Salvi , one hundred years of Vilavenut. Over four generations, it has maintained its character as the social center of this town in the municipality of Fontcoberta. - Can Salvi - petfriendly by restaurant Mastorrencito.
Can SalviCan Salvi, accepts dogs as long as you say that you are on our side and notifying in advance….
On May 21, 1912, a mason from Vilavenut, named Martín Coll, was granted the concession for the town's tobacconist.
His great-granddaughter, Maria Grau, proudly shows us the document: the writing, very well preserved.
It is like a kind of founding act for Can Salvi, a popular restaurant that has been passed down from father to son without interruption and is now celebrating its centenary.
In fact, the may have already commemorated a few years ago.
It is known that the house was already a hostel before that date and that it was run by Martín's father, Salvi. Hence the name.
A century has passed, four generations and the world has changed a lot, but in essence Can Salvi is the same: a mix of tobacconist, grocery store, bar and restaurant.
In towns as small as Vilavenut, places like this make a bit of a social center where people cheat and collectives of all kinds hold their meetings.
Can Salvi has also been maintained as a complementary business to other sources of family income.
We have already said that Martí Coll was a bricklayer. His heiress, Montserrat, was a dressmaker and his man, Pedro, a barber.
The barber trade was continued by his son, Joaquín, who would later open a farm, while his wife, Inés, María's mother, took care of the kitchen.
Of course, the place is bigger than when Martín and his wife, Margarita, got the tobacconist concession.
Where the room farthest from the entrance is now was the barbershop that the same family had run.
and the kitchen band was expanded in the 1950s with the building that had been the schools.
Generations ago, the basic food and drink served at Can Salvi came from there so that they slaughtered pigs weekly and made the wine.
Due to that forced self-sufficiency, there is a wine of its own, of limited production, which is sold in the hostel and, above all, good home cooking.
Maria recommends the casserole rice on Thursdays and the roast duck on Saturdays.

Reviews TripAdvisor:

"A good restaurant that I used to go to as a child with my parents"

Pau, owner and cook of Can SalviWe usually eat about three times a month, usually at noon, and I always go with my mother and my wife.
The road to the town of Vilavenut is very beautiful both to contemplate nature and to disconnect.
Once you get to the restaurant you can park in front of it.
For a few years now, Pau Lleal, Mrs. Ines's grandson, who was a great cook in her time, has been in charge of the kitchen.
Pau who has traveled all over the world training as a cook.
Apart from having worked in the best restaurants, she does a different type of cuisine from her grandmother's.
Their specialty is more modern dishes, very well prepared and very well presented.
Although it has kept some of the traditional Can Salvi dishes a la carte, such as rice every Thursday.
Recently they have two terraces for the summer seasons with two different environments ideal for organizing group or family meals.
There is one day a week during dinner you can taste some exquisite tapas listening to jazz music.
Very nice and cozy place with a very friendly service, quality cuisine, I recommend it to those who have not tried it.
More than one hundred years of service is a guaranteed guarantee.

"A cozy restaurant"

Restaurant over 100 years old, with a charming xef, in Pau.
We ate à la carte, sharing a vieries ceviche, steak tartare, and tuna tataki. Really delicious desserts. "Llimona, mint and rum" and a "ratafia bomb."
If you go through the Banyoles area you cannot miss it. All accompanied by a good wine from l'Ampurdà.

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