Our Children - Turisme rural Petfriendly

Our “Children” of “Mas Torrencito”. In "Mas Torrencito”, Our pets are our philosophy of life. Our Children - Turisme rural Petfriendly
We wanted to create a space where our clients can come with them, a place where there are no restrictions, the “children” can roam freely around the house, the common spaces, the pool, ...

A space where our client and friend feel happy to see their happy pet. It is a place where whoever has a pet and visits us… 90% of the time… REPEATS.

In most other rural houses, pets are allowed but with too many standards ... and that cannot be. The "children" who come to "Mas Torrencito"They have to feel at home or better yet if possible.

The "children" we now have are: Manuela, Markos, (these 2 are the oldest), and recently Masto, Maky and Mamas came. And after 2 weeks the little boy of the family appeared… Mastiff…. We can not forget those who are no longer like Matias (the grumpy), Max (gorilla from the parking lot), Macarena, Marcelino and our beloved cat Bandit.

"Mas Torrencito”, Possibly the best rural house in Girona to go with your pet, come and discover it. "Mas Torrencito”Is a house for and for animals. Our philosophy is that they come first and then us.
It does not mean that it is not clean or that there are no amenities (which there are). But for us they have every right to be on the sofas, run around the garden, bark, as long as, as in all cases, they behave, which is the minimum we ask for, but we always imply that this is something innate in all the dogs that come to "Mas Torrencito"They are already playing in the garden or in the living rooms of the house ... the important thing is coexistence.

Thank you very much and we hope to see you soon. #Uncompresented

Mas Torrencito, the first rural house for pets that admits people

Mas Torrencito, the first rural house for pets that accepts people. Check out our OFFERS

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