Friends Restaurants

This is a selection of friendly restaurants, where quality and price go hand in hand. They are Restaurants where I have personally been on many occasions and where both the treatment and the quality of the food are worth it. are that…. MY FRIENDS…

Can Maret

Can Maret is only 5 kms from Mas Torrencito. In the NII direction Girona. Our purpose is to prepare a healthy, natural cuisine linked to our origins. To achieve this, we start with a quality raw material –always from the area-, a traditional handling and a practically instantaneous elaboration. Our menu is made up of a series of fixed dishes and others that we change weekly and that we collect on the suggestion sheet; in which you can find […]
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Can Salvi

Vilavenut (Fontcober
More than 100 years giving food ... Can Salvi, accepts dogs as long as you say that you are on our side and flying in advance .... Can Salvi, one hundred years of Vilavenut Over four generations, it has maintained its character as the social center of this town in the municipality of Fontcoberta On May 21, 1912, a bricklayer from Vilavenut, named Martín Coll, was granted the concession of the village. His great-granddaughter, Maria Grau, shows us the document […]
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Can Cassoletas (Temporarily closed)

The Can Cassoletes Restaurant is located just 15 kilometers from Figueres, in the middle of Alt Empordà (Girona), in a town called Pontos, with centuries of history and an excellent natural environment. "Possibly the best local food restaurant in Girona": The quality food and the careful presentation ... Local food with 80% organic product ... Good price and the best of the best .... YOLANDA… alma mater of this business…. and if you want a good wine from the Empordà… […]
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Can Roca d 'Esponellà

Just 10 minutes from Mas Torrencito and you can take the chuchigueys as long as you advise in advance. The Can Roca de Esponellà restaurant, a landmark in the gastronomic history of Pla de l'Estany, offers traditional dishes of Catalan cuisine. "The best dish is not the most complicated, but the one that is more well cooked within its simplicity" The Can Roca de Esponellà restaurant has been offering its cuisine since before 1910. Former hostel [...]
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Sa Poma

Restaurant Sa Poma
Sa Poma.- The Sa Poma Restaurant arises from a Catalan cuisine and at the same time with a Mallorcan touch in the hands of Tona Llovera. Together with his son Pep Munilla they have merged the two kitchens of their roots to get the Sa Poma. A changing cuisine, depending on the season, prepared foods, delicately and with enthusiasm. So Tona and Pep today offer you seasonal dishes with current foods such as pomegranate in salads, […]
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The rectory

Mas Torrencito, possibly the best rural house in Girona to go with dogs
La Rectoría de Espinavessa: La Rectoría is a restaurant located in a rural setting and in an emblematic building in Espinavessa, in front of the kitchen Jordi Rollan offers signature cuisine that takes care of the details, with seasonal products and a touch of modernity. The restaurant reopened on April 19, 2008, after being closed for several years. The idea is carried out after a period of works and reforms, to achieve a renewed […]
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Can Carles (Awaiting Re-Opening - Temporarily Closed)

Can carles Bascara restaurant
Located in Bàscara, the farmhouse of the old Hostal Can Vidalic was built in 1589 and has housed, for 15 years, the Can Carlos Restaurant. It was always one of the most privileged resting and restoration points on the Camino Real that connects the two Catalan cities of Girona and Perpignan. Is it because they rested and restored Kings and Queens that, when one is in Can Carlos, one perceives in oneself a feeling of well-being and happiness? It could be… It could be […]
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The manger

Restaurant el pessebre bascara
“This is a small restaurant in the town of Bàscara near its walled door on a street with an Empordà flavor. The kitchen is well run and made with traditional dishes of the authentic Catalan gastronomy. Game, corral, vegetables and fish from the nearby Gulf of Roses, all served with a "good taste" that makes the visit unforgettable. Appreciable contention in prices and a very convenient menu on weekdays. A jewel. Good menu of desserts and wines […]
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