Taxis to Mas Torrencito


Taxi service to Mas TorrencitoMAS TORRENCITO PUTS AT YOUR DISPOSAL A NEW TAXIS SERVICE from Barcelona and surroundings at a good price. Get on to Mas Torrencito with your partner, your dog or your friends at a good price. So you will not get lost. They are all clients of Mas Torrencito and they will bring you in a plis….

  • 1 person: 135 euros
  • +1 people: 175 euros
  • dogs: FREE

Our friends are:

  • Domi: 659 059 878
  • Jordi: 636 681 601
  • Pedro: 635 552 596
  • Aida 622155739
  • Jose 619442819

Call them to specify place and hours…. There will always be one of the five ……
Mas Torrencito, possibly the best rural house in Girona to go with your pet, come and discover it. You can also enter our website and see our offers. The shop.

Mas Torrencito it is a house for and for the animals. Our philosophy is that they come first and then us. It does not mean that it is not clean or that there are no amenities (which there are). But for us they have every right to be on the sofas, run around the garden, bark, as long as, as in all cases, they behave, which is the minimum we ask for, but we always imply that this is something innate in all the dogs that come to Mas TorrencitoThey are already playing in the garden or in the living rooms of the house ... the important thing is coexistence.